Finding time to fly


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Hey y'all. I was wondering if I 'd be able to fly on the side in college if I don't get accepted into a school with a flying program like UND or Purdue or St. Cloud. I was thinking about his because I really want to go to UND or Purdue to fly, but if I don't get accepted into these schools I want to go to a private catholic school to major in psychology and play hockey and fly on the side. I'm thinking about going to Niagara U, Canisius, Sacred Heart, Holy Cross, Merrimack, CUA, VIllanova, or Fairfield. So, I wanna know if I'll have time on the side to get about 300 or 400 hours flying while in college and going to school and playing hockey? Thnx, lates.
I have plenty of time, however I am going to uni in the UK. I know that my sister had plenty of time off, when she went to college in the US, so I reckon you will be able to find a couple afternoons of to fly. Think about when you want to fly when you schedule your classes though!

Iain Holmes

I do NOT mean to sound glib but, time is not something that you FIND. It is something that you MAKE. I
t is all about priorities. If you get to college and work your class schedule to where you can sleep until 10:30, have classes from 11:30 - 5:00, supper and study until 10:30, and then party all night, you will most likely not have time to fly. But, if you work your schedule right, you can have plenty of time to fly. In fact, if you get involved in flying, you will most likely eliminate much partying because you have to fly the next day.

Personally, I always tried to arrange to have EARLY classes and be done by 3:00 so I could work in the evening at a bar or restuarant. I did get my flight time in during class hours because it was my major and I did admittedly get my share of "recreation" in on nights when I didnn't have to fly the next day.

You can have it all if you are willing to work your schedule right. Personally, I had a little rule for my self that helped me allot. I made myself a rule that I would be out of bed by 9:00 every morning. Of course there were occasional exceptions to the rule. However, normally it didn't matter if I stayed out partying until 5:00 AM, I still had to be up at 9:00. It was my own little "You play... you pay" rule. I usually had my day to day chores such as laundry done by the time my friends pried their mattresses of their backs. I always figured I could sleep when I am dead. I will say however that I did always try to be well rested for flights.

So, go out there and make it happen. It is just waiting for those with the self discipline to go after it!

Be well and fly safe.
This is a good topic as I am a college student looking for time to fly. However, I'm not convinced I'll have enough time to fly on a regular basis. It also depends on the college you attend and your major. Obviously, some college students have all the time in the world while others are busy studying! After much consideration, I'm inclined to get my ppl during the summer. I can devote much more time to flying with no distractions. I wish you the best of luck!