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Your video isn't working. Hey you are out of SLC, so am I. I own a 152 with the 125 horse conversion and I'm looking for people to split cheap time with me. It's out of airport # 2 if you or anyone else is interested.
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Got the video to work must have had complications on my piece of @#$%$^
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How is that an outside loop? Looks more like an inverted pass (by a real idiot BTW).
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GEEZ - that is awesome, I did not know a Delta MD-90 could do that!

It is not an outside loop it is actually an outside emanon.
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I think during an emelmon (sp?) the plane starts from a non-inverted attitude and the does a half loop, once at the top (and inverted by this point) rolls right side up.

My ass hurts from all this analness.
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I believe it is spelled "Immelman." This figure starts with a half loop to inverted flight. A half roll then results in horizontal upright flight. An inverted Immelman would start inverted, followed by a negative G push to level flight in the opposite direction. What was done in the video is an inverted pass, followed by a sloppy push to about 45 degrees nose high, followed by various rolls to a level position. Not any kind of recognised aerobatic maneuver, and a d**n stupid stunt if you ask me.
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Those people on the bridge have got to be the absolute best canidates for 'Darwin of the year'...

And did you see how close to the water he got on that inverted pass? Bet he didn't mean to get THAT close.

Cool video... glad I'm watching from my computer
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Haha.....cool! Risky stuff there!!

I plan on starting flight lessons in a few months and I will be looking for ways to build hours up as fast as possible. Maybe.......we could work something out???