Events Planned for the Week?


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I'm making it to NJC this year for sure, however, i'm not too sure how things are going to be planned. I heard it's going back to the old way of hanging out and less of formal events, and i'm totally stoked for it.

I'm trying to see though what days i can make it out. I have class monday-thursday which my teachers already know i'm going to be missing, however, i have a class on tuesday night that if i NEVER miss a day of class, i get a full letter grade raised! I'm trying to see if i should come back on tuesday (meaning only make it out for monday) or if i should come back tuesday night for my class, and drive back out for the rest of the stay (rest of tuesday night, and wednesday night coming back on thursday afternoon.

If i could get a headsup of what's going on, it'll help me plan a better trip so this way i get the full potential!:rawk:
From my understanding its 9FI (at NYNY) Sunday PM and NJC Monday PM. Other then that nothing really set in stone.

Please correct me (anyone) as I could of missed something.
Refer to the thread, stuff to do.

I know there are a couple of us that want to go hiking, and a new ice bar called Minus5. Matt and I for sure will be going to the German brew house again. I don't think there is a time table as of yet...