Dulles Aviation Manassas, VA


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I'm trying to get some feed back on Dulles Aviation from persons who have gone through training there. Seems very well structured from my visit. Need more input!! Thanks in advance.
They do a lot of training for the Marines. I personally do not have any experience with them but I do with Aviation Adventures. There are members who are/have instructed or learned to fly there on here.
was Tom Adams still there?

If yes good luck the first time you try to follow him on a tour, that man can dissapear like none other :)

They have developed a very structured program, and use the jeppeson syllabus last i heard. They have a good number of airplanes, and lots of types so you can really try diffrent stuff out. I would say flight school is the big business for them.

They also have a good number of instructors, and encourage you to fly with diffrent ones untill you find one that works well.
I did my private there back a little while ago and liked it a lot. Bunch of planes and good instructors, I'd definitely recommend them
Tom is still there however he was gone. I agree with you TucknTruck and thank you for the recomendation Sled14. Got to do more research. Thanks guys.