Does it pay to be stupid?


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To my shocking surprise today I was told the reason a friend of mine was never hired a long time ago. It has everything to do with the race to build flight time. This buddy of mine has finally been hired at this GA company after an easy 7 years of knocking on their door. What is the GA job? Fish spotting. He was lucky by having the chance to network with one of their guys. After speaking with him today he told me that the reason which scared HR time after time was the fact that he had a college degree. It made him look like he was only trying to build flight time and then leave in a hurry. Now I sit back and say, man, oh man this world is crazy. It's so bassackwards. Do I really struggle to pay a student loan in which only harms me? Bottom line is I guess if you are looking to go to the airliners it is the only reason to have an aviation degree. Is it time to wipe that fact off my resume? I want a GA job forever, really. I hope it is in only in the fish spotting world. Hey now, do you airline guys have to screw up everything in the GA world? geeez. :laff:


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Was it a degree from UND or Embry Riddle? If it was, I can understand the guy's reasoning. But if it was just a generic degree from any other college, I find it hard to believe. Many, many GA pilots out there have degrees. You almost have to have one these days to hold a job that pays well enough to afford flying GA.


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That company was not worth working for if that is why they disqualified your friend.

Get the degree.


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I have "dumbed down" a resume, and was offered an interview. I declined it however because I got a job with my "smart person" resume.

If you really want a job, talk to the company folks in an informal manner before hand. Let them know that you enjoy what they do, and genuinely want to work for them. But don't suck up and seem desperate for that job. Those are the guys that become 'overqualified' for a job.


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I applied for a job not long ago, that I didn't get, because they asked me if I was going to be finishing my degree. I told them yes. They didn't hire me, because they didn't think I'd be around for long, for finishing a degree. Then, just yesterday I saw one of their "new" employees, a guy I know, who I know I was way more qualified for the job, than he. Weird, but apparently a degree, or the act of being in the process of earning a degree, can in fact hurt you, depending on the job.


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most companies won't tell you why you weren't hired for fear of how does this friend of yours know for sure that it was because of the degree? that seems a little bizarre... esp in today's day and age.


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so how does this friend of yours know for sure that it was because of the degree? that seems a little bizarre... esp in today's day and age.
Yes, very bizarre and makes my gut turn. Well... the guy he networked with that helped him get the job told him that after he was hired. This guy knows the HR very well. They have been working together for years. The HR is a fairly old man up in age (75+) and most of the other spotters are also. Some of their grandchildren are now spotters.

Sucks to hear that ChrisH. It's unbelievable! Yeah, I need more space on my resume anyway. I'm clearing it off my resume then gonna throw up a few times when Sally Mae calls.:mad: Where is the puking smiley? Ironic at the bottom is "The more you know" logo under more smilies.