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I was just curious as to what everyone was using for digital logbooks and how satisfied they were with them. An instructor I had in pilot training had an old friend of his that started Logbook Pro and that's what he used, but I never got into it at the time. I designed a spreadsheet to keep track of everything, but I know it could be better.

I just started using Logbook Pro and I am finding it to be very well done. I had a "borrowed" version of Flightlevel 2000 which was a pretty good program, but I thought it was too expensive for the level of quality. You can download Logbook Pro and use it for the first 50 entries and it is fully functional to test it out. (They you have to enter a purchase key to keep going)
I bought Logbook Pro about a year ago and had imported about 1500 of my 4000 hours when my hard drive crashed (unrelated to Logbook Pro). I lost the program (data was backed up) and my registration key and haven't taken the time to download the program and find the key.

Great program. It's got some powerful sort features in its Analysis feature. I had high hopes of using the Palm version in conjuction, but the excitement fizzled so I'm still writing in the green pages of my big logbook. Maybe when I get close to filling that up I'll go back to Logbook Pro.

Just be sure to either print a lot or backup EVERY time you make a change. AND write your registration key in a SAFE place. Mine is in a safe place, I just can't remember where that place is!!!
hard drive crashed

[/ QUOTE ] Get linux.

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No matter what OS is on the drive, they crash from time to time. I used to use linux, but i'm a BSD man now...both have their ups and downs. Linux is good for everyday use, but BSD makes a better server I think...
Anyone hear of Lindows? That was a big deal for about a day (as far as I know).

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Yeah...I think part of the big deal was that some pc manufacturer was putting that on there and Walmart was selling them for super cheap. On the subject of linux, I havent used linux for about a year, I got tired of having to reboot into windows when I wanted to play a is the development of WINE coming allong?