DCA airplanes


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I was wondering if someone at DCA could give me some personal insight on the planes at the acadmey....I hear they look old or are old? If they are old planes does the acadmey have any plans to buy new ones?
All of the single engine cessnas are pretty old, but are in good shape, if there is any question whatsoever for safety then it goes up for maintenance. I think some of our arrows are newer but im not really sure how new they are. To my knowledge the newest of our planes is the seminoles, which i cant wait to fly!
I flew them when I went through their program, and I later worked on them as a mechanic, before I got hired into the 727 freighter as a flight engineer. The planes are maintained well, I have no problems with taking my family up in them.
Many of the planes are older, but I completely agree with Cleared_ILS, the aircraft are safe, and the maintenance guys are true pros. All of them are top notch and they are also very willing to spend time with the students going over systems etc. Prior to my multi stagecheck, I spent about three hours in maitenance the other day while they were doing a 100 hour progressive inspection on a seminole and pestered them with a ton of questions. They all seemed to have a good time explaining how it worked and what they do over there.