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Thats right folks! I wanted to know if someone could shed some light on what Larry Gross et al are looking for in Beech Jet applicants.

I have my sights set on flying it in 4 years, and would know to know what I can do now to increase my chances. I've heard that having your MEI helps, as well as CFII.. but school-wise, is anything looked upon as being desirable?

Total time? M.E. time? Organizations? Leadership?

I'll talk to my friend who is flying the Beechjet now. I believe Larry doesn't have much to do with it... I think it's either Petrin or Mitch's baby.
At least now I know who to suck up to!

Anyone have any words on what looks good on the application?

I don't know too much about the Beechjet program, but I'm really sure that Mitch is the one you can suck up to (if that's possible).

Like I said, I will get into touch with my friend and see if I can get you some answers!
The Beechjet(I hope they're not calling it a Hawker) program is of course very competitive. They will hold a 'callout' where everyone interested meets - you'll submit a coverletter about why you want to do it(very, very important), a resume, and those selected initially will do a sim ride in the 727. Total time and experience is not that important in that all of the applicants will be at basically the same experience level. Ratings such as the II and MEI would probably increase your chances. There is usually a 'hiring' comittee and I believe that all of the Beechjet captains take part. The biggest thing you can do is to 'distinguish' yourself in the class - make yourself active in the department, demonstrate leadership skills, all of that crap.

At least that was the drill when I left.

Thanks Jason. I read something about it today, but it was also fairly vague as to what exactly is needed.

I would hazard a guess that grades, interest, experience, leadership, and dedication are all looked at.

Well, I've got three years to work on it! Thanks!