Any of you come down here?


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Hey guys especially shawn I know you have come down to elliot aviation or thunderbird in eden prairie flying cloud airport or have you been to executive? Just wondering how often you guys come around there cause im working LINE!!! And would like to meet you guys!!

I have never been to FCM on a UND flight before. However, I have been down there twice for my other flying job. I always park at Elliot; is that where you work? Next time I have a trip scheduled to go down there, I'll let you know.

P.S. Do you know Brian Mcdonaugh? He used to work line at Thunderbird.
this is Luc, I am still thinking of going to UND, but I have a few questions. How often can flight students take the planes for fun or leisure? Also, how long of a flight is it to Minneapolis? That is where I would like to go for so that is why I was wondering if UND allowed flight students to rent planes from like FBO's. Can students that are not done with their degree instruct, if they have aquired all of their ratings? Any info on internships and where most students get jobs after they are done would be appreciative.


No, UND dosent alow students to take A/C for personal flights, only training. Instructors, however, are alowed to "personal use" A/C at a discounted rate.

To get to MSP it takes anywhere from 1.5 hrs to 2.5 hrs depending upon what A/C you are flying.

Yes, you can start instructing before you graduate. I did, and I would recomend that you do that also.

Any other questions
please don't hesitate to ask
what up?
What do you think of teh laptop program? I'm coming up there in about a week to do the private test course and start my instrument the second summer session. From what I heard and from actually talking to the prof. that is in charge of the program, he really couldn't give a an answer that would justify the 1000+ $$/year for renting an almost obsolete laptop. But hey, once he had his students do a search for FBO's on google jsut to show them that the internet is big. Who new? I did read a funny article in the Dakota Student Opinion section from a year or two ago about how fast teh MP3's and XXX downloads during class....