flight school

  1. F

    Any good flight school recommended around KHWO ?

    Hello :0 I’m currently on a F-1 visa with a ‘pretty busy’ flight school, which I’ve been doing my private for almost a year ... ( I took some vacation of course ) now I’ve done my written, got my hours, everything ready for my check ride, but still having these feelings like they just simply...
  2. Xerraid

    New PP Trainee seeking life advice

    Hello all, I'm currently in an interesting position and have looked through a few other forums about my particular issue. I haven't found anyone quite answering my own dilemma yet so I thought I'd seek advice on my own forum. Background: I've just recently begun pilot training courses. I have...
  3. Coop0114

    Cfi training in Southern California?

    Anybody know of a good place to get my cfi retraining? I took my Checkride in Tennessee and failed and recently moved to California and I just need to get a few hours and maybe a little ground school refresher. And do any flight schools do contract deals where they'll get me my cfi if I'll come...
  4. Chris Yohn

    What is the cheapest and cheapest path to obtaining my CFI cerrtificate from ground zero?

    I haven't attended any kind of schooling yet, I plan to one day however. My only pitfall is supporting my son and fiance financially as I pursue this path. I am self-employed so I can shift my days around a little bit, not completely but a little. This has something I have wanted to do for a...
  5. gcompton923

    Trying to become an air force pilot

    Hey all, I am hoping someone with experience with the whole process can tell me how good my chances are of being selected by the board. My AFOQT scores Pilot 81 Nav 86 Acad apt 70 Verbal 86 Quantities 49 My PCSM score is a 52 with 0 flight hours. I am currently in the process of applying...
  6. Stewart Stoll

    TAFA in Addison TX hiring full time instructors

    Texas American Flight Academy is hiring full time flight instructors for our 141 academy. Salary + Hourly hobbs pay scale. Two days off a week. Additional instructor rating incentive program. Please E-mail Stewart.Stoll@flytexasamerican.com for further details