another degree dilema


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I know I know, and if I would have known about this page a couple years ago I would've gone and achieved a non aviation degree. But I took a flight my senior year in high school and I was hooked like crack to flying and I couldnt stop. (pre911) I thought I would go to the local community college (good cheap idea) while picking up all my ratings and start flight instructing, since at that time it was supposedly so "easy" to flight instruct for a year then have the ceo of comair call and beg you to come work for him (at least thats what the magazines said). So here I am giving 1 hours of dual a week wishing to stay proficient with two years of college done.
if I get a business degree it'll take ANOTHER two years to complete, but if I take distance learning classes from erau itll take one year because I get 33 credits for my flying. I really would like to fly in the military so getting the 4 year asap is kinda appealing. Also if I got in the military theyd pay for more than half of a masters in something more usable. So after hearing my case which route is more practical?
Go military if you want to save money and gain valuable experience - if you want your freedom to move or do whatever you want, then go the civilian route, but it'll cost you a whole lot more.
jace, im talking about degrees.
anybody with exoerience still think i should take the extra year to get a non av degree?
Get the degree ASAP. Join the military as an officer with higher pay and a better overall experience than without the degree. Let the military pay for higher education in another field if you so desire and pay off any student loans in the process.

Employers truly do not care what a degree field is in as long as you have one. The undergrad degree field only matters to the admissions committee of the grad school you choose.

On a side note, look around to see if ERAU has a distance campus near you. I've met a few excellent professors teaching the graduate courses and I have a standing job offer from a classmate. The distance campuses offer networking with current aviation business leaders.

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