"Airline Certified" Headsets


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\"Airline Certified\" Headsets

Holy cow, I'm actually on this site for a work related reason. What's up with that?

Anyway, I just wanted to know if there is such a thing as an airline certified headset or if you can just take your David Clarks that you use in your Cessna and use that for the rest of your life.

I have been told by the boss to go out and call on all the "airline certified" headset manufacturers, if there is such a thing.
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I know for 135 the headsets have to be approved - specific manufacturing techniques or whatnot... I'd imagine that 121 has some similar rule.
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I'm not aware of any specific rules or approvals. Anything you buy from a 'brand name' manufacturer will be ok - I think it has to be certified for aircraft use and have a (TSO???) number but anything you buy from a pilot shop catalog is gonna' be ok.

Can you use DC"s on airliners? Yeah sure.I mean they're really not necessary and you're gonna' get laughed at but you can use them. Alot of Comair guys wore DC's on the first CRJ's.

Telex is pretty popular among airline crews - especially the 750. Did your boss only say 'airline' - I've noticed that Sennheiser(sp??) light weight headsets are becoming more popular in corporate jets - I didn't particularly like them but apparently enough people do.

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From what I understand airlines may require a TSO'd headset. Although keep in mind that the headset you use with a prop is not the same one you would use for a jet.

Check out FAA AC 20-110

AC 20-110
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In my previous post, I ment to put that headsets had to be TSO'd for 135 - brain fart I guess...
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Thanks guys! I pulled the TSO list. As for Sennheiser, unfortunately, the folks who handle Duetschland already have them and someone else has David Clark, but I can go after Bose and Telex.

I was suprised that Sigtronics isn't on the TSO list!