Advice on getting Private Pilot License


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Well I've made the decision to work on getting my PPL. The only problem is the money. Here's the website:

What I've decided to do is try and get a job at the airport or around town to save up the money myself and wait until next year to start training. So my question is, while im in college and trying to save up money, is there anything I could do to prepare myself for the training? Are there any good books to read up on?

My plan is just to be able to have the license by the time I transfer to a 4 year university in `05. Im still leaving the door open for the military, but who knows I might just finish up the "civilian route" during college.
You'd really be ahead of the game if you learned all of the ground material for the ppl over the next year. It would make the lessons more meaningful to you and make the training go smoother. There are lots of ppl books out there. The one I used was the Jeppeson PPL textbook which is available through sportys and lots of other places, although you could definitely get it much cheaper from ebay. Have also heard good things about the Gleim PPL manual and william Kershner's book. You could also probably just go to the library to get something to start off with. There are usually manuals there too. Good luck
I am in exactly the same position as yourself. That is, I intend to start my PPL but not for several months, so I've tried to read and research as much as possible between now and then.

The 2 books I would highly recommend (from several aviation books I've read are):

1) Your Pilots License (7th Ed) by Jerry Eichenberger
2) Weather Flying by Robert Buck

I found both of these to be excellent, progressive texts i.e getting more advanced and technical with each chapter based on the information provided in the previous chapter.

A second opinion from an experienced pilot would be useful.
Good luck
If I were you I would get the following two books, as you're going to need them when you start flying anyway.

1. Airplane Flying Handbook

2. Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

What is your technical background? I would definitely recommend "Stick and Rudder" by Wolfgang Langewiesche. you will probably get some arguments that it is out of date, and it is to some extent, but it will teach you basic flying instincts that are spot-on.
I was going to recommend that book too!!!

I haven't gotten my PPL yet (have about 50 hours though). There were some things in flying that took me quite a few flights to grasp the concept of...reading that book afterwards made everything I'd learned make so much more sense....I really really wish I'd read it before I'd started my flight training so I will HIGHLY recommend it to you.