Adult Entertainment anyone?


Mama Bear....
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seriously... i got this email this morning...

for anyone who wants to use it....

How you doing Jetcareers?

I'd like to welcome your conventioneers to Las Vegas.

When time permits, I would like to offer your attendees free transportation to any of our clubs and complimentary drinks for all.

I'm a promoter for the adult entertainment side of Las Vegas.

For details please contact me directly at 702-752-5449 or send me an email at

I'll make everyone an offer they won't be able to refuse.

Vito Barbuto


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"An offer they won't be able to refuse"? From a dude named Vito? Is the offer made at gunpoint or something?


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Which one of you guys had the hooker card in your wallet? I had to break the bad news and let you know that was not the actual photo of her. ;)
I think it was juxta.