Wright Brothers on Discovery Chnl


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Anyone watch the wright brother's story on the Discovery Channel tonight? Pretty interesting!! It's on now (8pm) if your in PST
I saw it the other night. It was very interesting indeed. they also had a show on the 777 that came on after the wright bros show the other night. maybe it will be on again tonight?
I will be going to the outer banks next weekend. That is provided the road is fixed. I will be sure to visit the flight monument. I never have before. I think I couldn't pick a better time to do it. They are having a festival commerating the centennial of the first year of fligh in December. You should see the price of renting a house that week. It goes up by 3,000-4,000 dollars.
hmmmm a festival to commemorate the first year of flight... that would be interesting and fun to attend... anyone planning on going?

wonder if they'll have the blue devils out there or some acrobatic guys - I'll have to see if they have.... ok..already checked it out

these are the presenters:
-Ethel Finley (Women Airforce Service Pilots)
-Colonel Charles E. McGee (Tuskegee Airmen)
-Linda Morgan (set speed records in 1986 from Atlanta to Kitty Hawk and in 1996 from
-Asheville to Kitty Hawk)
-Wendie Olds (local author)
-Jack Frost (National Aeronautics)
-Richard Keyt (record holder of the world's fastest 4-cylinder airplane)
-Speakers from the Marshall Space Flight Center
-Robert B. and Beverly M. Elliot (program and demonstrations of toothpick airplanes)

and it looks like they'll have skydivers, narrated fly-by's and an actual re-creation of the wright brother's mobile in flight which would be just incredible to see!!

I think I'd go just to meet the tuskegee airmen guy - toothpick airplanes don't interest me that much! haha

would be a great event for young women too seeing that Ethel Finley and Linda Morgan will be there!!

here's the link: http://www.firstflightcentennial.org/december_celebration.html

wonder if they'll have the local tilt-a-whirl to make you think your flyin!

and wondering if we should make that the 1st annual JC gathering instead of vegas?! opinions anyone???
The outer banks is a beautiful place to visit. I used to vacation there alot when I was a kid. This is my first time back in 12 years. I can't wait, first I went to California in July, now the outer Banks. If you do plan something, just plan on spending hefty bucks. Like I said, the rental prices spike up dramaticly during that week. I even think they have a place to take aerial tours of the islands. What a great thing to do. It is a great place. Hey, maybe you guys can pull off visiting both Vegas and Kitty Hawk. It would be worth a heck of a try.
If anyone wants me to try to get a DVD or videotape for them, let me know. I used to work at Discovery and could get in touch with some folks I still know there. If worst comes to worst, I could just get one and copy it for you folks.
you can copy a DVD now? I thought it was just CD's that could be copied??

If you can get one, I know we'd love to have one here! or at least have one to auction off or something.... or even as a prize during the 1st annual JC gathering event... who knows!

lemme know and thanks for offering!!
I've been to the Outer Banks and Kitty Hawk. If I could choose any one place to live it would be there. Probably Nags Head or Duck. Just incredibly nice.

I wanted to go to the Celebration but I don't think I'll be attending. I had planned on flying out there myself but no time and no money for it.