Who lives in Buffalo?


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I'm jumping back into the aviation pool after the better part of a year off. Does anyone live around the WNY area? I'd have some questions for you and would love to start some aeronautical networking. Also, it would be great to have someone with whom I could make fun of the Bob Miller Flight Training radio commercial... "YOU ARE A PILOT!!!"


I'm working with BMFT to get my CFI re-instated. I saw the flyer for the club, and once I have the $$, it seems like something I'd love to do. Do you guys still do the maintenance Monday thing?

I meant to ask, how did the reinstatement go?


It went well; I finished it up on 12/20. I'm still not active, but am sprucing up the resume and looking. I've been in touch with Bob Miller... when this weather finally breaks, maybe there will be potential. Thanks for asking.
Good to hear. Good luck with the search. As an aside, if you're ever interested in flying a tailwheel, come visit us at Akron!