Where To Go


Sitting in the median
So JCers, where should I go tomorrow? I have a couple days off and want to get out of here and do something cool for my Thursday/Friday. It's getting boring around here on days off.

Options (domestic only b/c of schedules):


I'm thinking Las Vegas, Phoenix, Orlando, or Miami.
Seattle is pretty cool. I was up there in the beginning of the summer. There is the Boeing Plant tour, and the Museum of Flight. Space needle and the Experience Music Project are also worthwhile.
That's sweet that you can take a day or two and go almost anywhere on such short notice.
Agreed there is plenty to do in Seattle, but the forecast calls for rain for the next eight months, so I would visit sometime after that. I would go somewhere and soak up the rays while it's still possible.
I would go to LAX, becuase I've never been to Cali before. Theres not really enough time to go to Hawaii. If you just want to go on a day trip, theres a lot to do in LGA, BOS, and DCA.
Wooooah I could of sworn that ATA flew out of Detroit before. I took them to Jamaica on the L1011 about 4 times....???

But if you win big you have to share it with me.

And if you ever over night at MLI during December or over the summer (cause I'm in Dubuque right now) call me up.
While I love Seattle, I gotta agree with some of the other guys, it's pretty much going into the rainy season now.
Why not go to somewhere in the caribbean if you just want to relax, like Aruba, Montego Bay, or Grand Cayman?

Let us know what you decide!
I'd go somewhere that you can hitch a ride and stay at a friends pad.. that way, you get the most out of your $$ and you get to visit with friends or what not....

that's what i always do!
Arrrrrruba....Jamaica....ooh I wanna take ya to Bermuda....Bahama....come on pretty mama

Go somewhere nice! Cancun works, too. The Miami area looks fun too--easy chicks from the looks of those BangBus video clips.
The weather here in LA is great right now - so I would suggest swinging by and spending some time on the beach.
FYI, the weather today in ORL was about 75 degrees and it felt like 20% humidity.... the reason I came here in the first place!

Little did I realize how bad the other 364 days are!