When is Type 2 Diabetes considered diet controlled??


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My ex brother in law was is type 2 diabetic who has recently lost about 35 lbs and has been off his meds (Metformin) for about a month. He is seeking a class 3 medical clearance, and his labs show his Hgba1c levels around 6.5 and he is otherwise non symptomatic. How soon after he stops his meds is the Diabetes considered diet controlled or, dare I say...cured??


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NOT cured!!

If he has bee off the medication 3 months and the A1c is less that 9 the FAA would consider it controlled (this in spite of the fact 9 is not controlled).


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Just for a bit of positivity for your ex-brother-in-law. There are 2 crewmembers at my airline that have Type II. One is a CA and has a First Class medical.

Best of luck to him.