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Boy this forum sure is dead a lot... well i will go ahead and post something.. I did the time building program here about a month ago. if anyone has any questions let me know
Something else!!
Cornball, but couldn't resist.

I'm driving over Jan6th from Ore to do the Pro program. I figure 5-7 days of drive time in my SUV. A moving truck will be hauling the rest of my goodies. Who's your instructor? Where are you living? In one of the houses or do you have an apt? I will probably move into one of the houses and then after the three month's will move out and get my own 1 bd or studio. Is smoking allowed in the houses? Can I request a non- smoking roomie? Can I request a non-smoking CFI? How much longer are you gonna be there for?

When I flew over for a visit last month I met Bwalker of JC. That would be Brian W. Do you know him? I liked his CFI, Hans, great attitude and I liked his teaching style. I'd take him for a CFI.

Write back when you get a chance, I'd like to hear some of your answers to my questions. Have fun and keep the dirty side down.

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Re: ATP vs Ari-Ben [Re: Soonermurph]
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also, ari ben doesn't guarantee a price like atp, so it could cost more than advertised, and all x/c expenses are out of pocket like hotels/car etc, and I think the way atp has you flying airline style environment, ckecklists etc. will be helpful in the future. Not to mention the fact ari only has one location you could possibly instruct at. I have read from others on this site that ARI-BEN instructors only make about $500 a month, ATP's $1000 a month isn't much but I could get by on that. ATP instructors seem to get more hours a month too. I think the few thousand extra at ATP is worth it if you plan on instructing for awhile.
Better figure in some more cash for apts. at ARIBEN because they only give ya 3 months then its 500 a month after that, and I think the instructors don't get a deal on rent either, but I could be wrong.

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Anyone care to weigh in on this? Ari?
Hey whats up well I am already back from the aviator, I did their 100 hours time building last month. Actually Hans was the one who did my 5 hour checkout... he seemed like a pretty good instructor.... As far as non smoking goes im not sure how lucky you would be on that one....Almost everyone I knew there smoked for the most part. There are very few non smokers it seems but you can certainly give it a shot. While I was there I was unable to get housing however stayed at the days inn and they payed the difference on my room so it was $25 a night... are you going down there with your private? I went down to timebuild so I Could send out resumes cause I had some people I knew that could walk them in for me at some airlines... good luck
I ended up with about 50 hours give or take an hour... Total cost to me was around $3000 excluding food and house. I did 50 hours in about 7 days........ are you going to do the time building?
Yes, I'm going down with my PPL in hand. I'm doing the Pro Program and then instruct to build time. I'm really looking forward to the instructing part, sharing my passion for aviation and "teaching" them the rules of the road and to fly. Being a CFI for me won't be all about time building to the right seat.
I'll post a quick question: I'm thinking about doing the pro course, but I've got a dog so I think the student housing would be out for me. How much does a really cheap studio or one-bedroom apartment run for down there?

Also, I'll be going down there to visit eventually, I guess the closest airport is West Palm Beach, but it's quite a bit cheaper for me to fly into Ft. Lauderdale. How long a drive is it from Ft. Lauderdale to ari-ben? (I'll be visiting ATP in stuart as well probably)
I ended up with about 50 hours give or take an hour

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I'm just wondering, in todays job market how much is 50 hours of purchased multi time really worth???

Everyone I know that has gotten hired in the last year has had between 500-1000 hours multi (gained during employment). An additional 50 hours that you just bought with 1/2 of that safety pilot time just doesn't seem like much.......
I logged the other half of my time not as safety pilot but as dual given.... The only reason I did this is so I could get above the minimums. I personally know of at least five people who got hired at skywest within the last year with just over the minimums. I have some friends that are pretty high up at skywest so I just bought enough to get over 100 and the rest I can build with students.. plus our multi is down a lot since its old.... not a guaranteed interview but I had a person in the training dept. walk in my resume with 3 letters of recommend.. Its not always about how much time you have its who you know.