UPS Pilot Requirements


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Just wondering if someone could tell me the minimum requirements for a pilot position at UPS. I went on UPS's website but really didn't find anything. I'd really appreciate it a lot. Thanks.

UPS isn't hiring. Back in the day, the practical minimums were 1000 PIC turbine and at least one recommendation from within the current pilot group. Way back in the day, like the late 80's and early 90's, you could get on with less than that. I had a four year degree, 400 PIC turbine in a Convair, 1500 total turbine, and maybe 4000 total...I forget. It's funny (ironic), that I'm 868 out of 2500 or so guys but I still don't meet the current standard on PIC turbine, nor did I know anyone inside the pilot group.

Which all just goes to show you that, in life and pilot careers, it's better to be lucky than good....
I work at a local flight school as a Customer Service Agent while i do my training with them, my boss is a 767 capt. for UPS, ill get some info for you, stick around..
Just wondering if someone could tell me the minimum requirements for a pilot position at UPS

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Posted minimums are different than competitive mins. Nobody gets hired with the advertised "minimums". To be competitive, that is, to be even be considered for an interview or employment, competitive mins are around 4-5000tt with at least 1000 PIC in turbine equipment preferably from a 135/121 scheduled ops.

Most have at least a 4 yr degree and a letter of recommendation from a current employee. Currently, in this cyclical industry, pilots who far exceed the advertised mins are a dime a dozen. UPS is not currently hiring pilots and I personally don't expect them to until a new contract is in place between the pilot group and the company. When will that happen? Who knows. My guess is a couple years from now even though the current contract is amendable at the end of this year.

BTW, UPS's published hiring mins and hiring practices are pretty much in line with the other major airlines.