to all Panam students


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How many people after completing the course really get a job like they say you will??

What school do you think is better in Arizona Westwind or Panam
heard of a few getting hired. i know of 5 recent grads going to airnet, and some others going to some corporate jobs. the deal with the "money back" thing is that if after completing your training and gaining a total of like 800 hours you have six months to get hired or they reimburse your ACE money ($7k). guess they do a good job of finding you work when you get to that point, thats what i've heard.

Pan Am and Westwind are very similar and very different, it just depends on what you are looking for in training. Both schools teach along the same structure. Westwind allows "part time" students who pay as they go where as Pan Am doesn't. Pan Am has Pipers, Westwind has Cessnas. Westwind has more students. Both have to wear uniforms. I would just visit the schools to see which one you like better.

As for the Airnet guys, I believe the Pan Am in Arizona has had over 10 guys go there. I've talked to a few of them recently and they love it. But I'm sure everyone says that when they first get a new job!!