Time Zones


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I was wondering. How old/confusing does it get changing time zones all the time as a pilot? Do you ever adjust your watches, or just leave them on local time and adjust the time mentally?


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I'm pretty lucky in the sense that the company I work for only operates in two time zones. That said, I never change my watch, but my cell phones changes automatically. It's always nice seeing an early show in one timezone back knowing you are actually going to get an extra hour of sleep out of the deal. It also sucks seeing a really late arrival one time zone back knowing you are getting in even later than the actual time says.


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No place like home

I adjust my watch to the local time zone but I mentally think of what time it is in my home time zone.

This goes for work and non-revving. Much easier transition between days off and travel days the closer one stays to the home time zone normal times.


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Re: No place like home

I never adjust my watch.... but the handy dandy cell phone automatically adjusts!!!

I rarely know what time zone I am in in any more. You can always look at the cell, and it tells you the local time.