This is irritating

Pretty hypocritical too.

He excludes lawyers and actors because they have a large, underpaid segment. HELLO????

Not only pilots, either. I know several starving real estate agents!
Yeah, thats pretty bad. At least it says "pilots for major airlines" and not just "pilots" (not that I think pilots for major airlines are over-paid).

The part about skycaps was interesting, I didn't know that they made that kind of money.

I also liked that they mentioned mike hampton by name as an "overpaid washed-up athlete" (cause I'm from colorado and I hate that guy)
I don't know about the other professions, but his arguments in the case of major airline pilots show a complete lack of research or understanding about how aviation really works, which is typical of the mediocre, ignorant journalist writing for today's media.

His arguments carry no weight whatsoever. His first argument is that the job is fully automated. Any of us can see the absolute tripe in this argument. Essentially he is saying that the airplne does it all and there is little need for the pilot. On the contrary, the fact that there is an increasing level of automation on today's flight decks means that pilots have to have a deeper technical knowledge and understanding of on board systems, let alone have the ability to make the correct decision when things go down the tube. Accident and incident reports will show that pilots are still a very necessary commodity on the flight deck.

His second argument is the good old management argument of "the pilots are making us poor" The major airlines that are in financial trouble did not go bankrupt because of the pilots, by any stretch of the imagination. Years of mis-management, coupled with world events and a downturn in the economy fueled that one.

His third argument is that the average consumer wrongly places his trust in the pilots, when it's really the mechanics who deserve all the money because they're the ultimate life-savers. This is the most laughable of them all. In fact it makes him look like he wrote this article his first day in junior high, or at least shows a commensurate level of intelligence with that age group. The fact that it takes a lot of skilled teamwork to make the airline machine work seems to completely escape him.

I read the article and the guy is clearly talking out of his arse.

He did a bout half the research - less, really - that he should have done and wrote about the part that would bolster his argument.

Really though - he's no different than anyone you see in the squawk box who do a Google search and pull out the snippets of information that support their side of the issue while ignoring/not posting the information that discredits it.
Oh my gosh! I can't believe the ignorant statements he made! What a POOR amount of research and he seems very biased! Even his quotes about photographers are way off!
I agree with the one about wedding photographers. I showed that to my wife (who photographs weddings) and she laughed and said “yup most are way over paid”. When we got married here in the middle of nowhere people were still trying to charge $4000 or more for a wedding. Even if high end processing cost $2000 for an entire set of wedding photos (which is does not) that still means the person is charging $2000+ for 6hrs of shooting and probably a few more hours dealing with processing and delivery. Even if you break it down to two full days of work that is $1000 or more per day and most of the photographers are shooting junk. (all of these photographers were working alone… no assistants to pay)
Jobs that aren't a 40 hour week though always pay more. And the photograhpy costs are very different by area. I paid $400 for my wedding and I got to keep 110 proofs as well as the negatives, and the pics were very nice. The avg photographer around is baout $800-1000. But, like real estate agents, one day may make them $2000 but they may only get 2-3 jobs in a month. How many hours does an agent putting in showing houses before he gets that one sale that brings him $3K? When you do work like that you HAVE to make a lot or you would not be able to support your family. Who knows how long you will go until your next job...
The list was actually reported on the morning news in Seattle (Channel 13, for those who care) and the very first thing that the news anchor said after going down the list was something like, "Airline pilots?? I don't know about you, but when I'm on a plane with 200 other people, I want the guy in the cockpit to be happy about his pay (chuckle, chuckle)...back to you, Jim."

I think most people would agree...
I don't know about you, but when I'm on a plane with 200 other people, I want the guy in the cockpit to be happy about his pay (chuckle, chuckle)...back to you, Jim."

[/ QUOTE ]

Ha !!!! that is Freakin Funny !!

and True !!!