The hourly pay is higher but they cut back the hours


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Some of you may be aware that AWA voted in a new 3 year contract negotiated between ALPA and the company. The hourly rate, bottom line is higher, still I think they are one of the lowest paid in the industry, but they are cutting down from 13 to 12 bid periods a year, which cuts back approximately 100 hours in the year. An 11% raise, sure if you want to fly more than you already are and be away from home more. AND since my DH has been there since 1985, he is tapped out in pay, he cannot make anymore money! Obviously he voted no on it!
Oh Lori! That's not fun! I didn't know they had pay tops. I guessed I thought you'd keep getting a little more each year. I hope he is getting some other good benefits, after being with a company that long, they better be being good to you!