te real reason NOS are better than jepps


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because updates BLOW
hehe Im just cracking up thats so funny. Eagle you need to start to learn how to clean up after yourself.
You're getting mouthy about that little weeney stack of Jepps??? Where are the rest of them?

I just did 9 envelopes of those ##&^#&*@*#&ing Canadian revisions - those things are evil.

I just did 9 envelopes of those ##&^#&*@*#&ing Canadian revisions - those things are evil.

[/ QUOTE ]

you don;t use Q service?

these are my personal plates...
We have Q service for the US and Latin America but have the old 'style' revisions for Canada - don't ask me why. I only do Canadian revisions about once every 6 months - I hate them with a passion. In my 2 years on this airplane we've never been to Canada.

I like jepps, but they are too expensive for me (because I dont do updates)....I just use the looseleaf nos plates. When the 56 days are up, I 86 them and get a new set
I just let my Jepp subscription expire after two years. Two big reasons. One, I hope that someone else will be buying my Jepps for me sometime in the near future.
Two, they're too heavy! My flight bag has lost several pounds since I started leaving the 2" binder at home!
Ahhhh, gotta love JeppView. Updating the entire U.S. takes about 3 minutes with a CD. Then all you've gotta do is hit print, cut 'em out, and staple (or bind) them together. Only thing is, if you're going on a long trip, or the weather is super crappy its a good idea to grab a pack of NOS ones as well...just in case you end up at an airport you didnt print plates for.
AT FSI they just issue us a new Jepp "airway manual express" every 56 days, just toss the old one out. Not very practical if your covering the entire country or a large area, but for FL it's great.
Anybody know the legal status of the plates you can get off of AOPA? I use them a lot because when I print them out they are nice and large, full screen. I allways check them against my NOAA charts though...just wondering if its legal to use those in case I leave my nos plates at home or somthing.
I've never used them(or seen them for that matter) but there are 2 important questions to ask - number 1 is how often are they updated and number 2 does it say anywhere on the chart or anywhere else on the website that they are not to be used for navigation?

I have used them on one of my training flights. As far as I know the database is both current and legal as long as the charts have the revision stamp on the front:

"Effective From 20 Mar 2003 Thru 15 May 2003
Consult NOTAMs for latest information"

^^Taken from the site
Can either one of you gentlemen post a link to the site?

I love AOPA, but their website is a nightmare to navigate...

Of course this dial-up connection on the ole' laptop doesn't help much either...