Domo Arigato, Mister Roboto
What do you all wear with your noise cancelling headset?? I know it's imperative for the seal to be tight around the ears for noise cancelling, but what sunglasses have proven efficient out in the field!? I have the David Clark X11s, but I'm sure all noise cancelling head sets are alike....thanks all!!


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All noise canceling headsets are not alike. DC's are way behind most other companies in ANR technology.

That aside, I wear Oakley A-Wire sunglasses with my Bose A20. The noise is slightly more with the sunglasses on, but not too much, they do start to get uncomfortable after a couple hours. If the sunglasses hugged my head better behind my ears it would probably improve both noise and comfort.


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I have a pair of ray-ban aviators. They make a version that is cut down quite a bit with a silver frame so you don't have to look like a Maverick wanna be. The have a nice glass lens with a neutral gray color that works good in low light and flat light conditions. They do tend to be a bit pricey though, about $145.

I also have a couple pairs of sun cloud sunglasses. They make several styles with a nice lens for about $50 a pair. The only draw back is all their stuff is polarized and that does not work well with glass and/or heated windshields.