Stuff to Do in San Diego


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Heading out to San Diego with my wife this weekend and looking for fun stuff for us to do.

Anyone from So-Cal have some recc's for some not-to-miss things?

Aviation Related/Restaurants/Whatever – your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

I'm thinking of taking a glider lesson/ride for her or renting a single out there to see the sights a bit. Anyone fly around there and can reccomend an airport or FBO?
Take her on a harbor cruise for dinner. La Jolla has hang gliding as well.
Okay... sorry... but when I read the first line, the ONLY thing I heard in my head after that was:

Heading out to San (Fransisco)
For the Labor Day Weekend show
I've got my Hushpuppies on
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I'm done.

Carry on.
awesome ideas, we can actually combine the two: take a dinner cruise AND get plastered and sing JB songs!

are Hushpuppies still in production?
What to do in San Diego?

I know it's touristy and all that, but the Zoo is really cool. I was born in San Diego and I still like going there. Be prepared to wait in a long line if you want to go see the pandas. It is worth the wait, although you'll probably see them being total slackers and sleeping or being pigs and chowing down on bamboo. You can kill an entire day just strolling through the Zoo. If you decide to leave the Zoo early, it's right in Balboa Park, so you can wander through there. Check out the organ and the museums.

If you want to stick with the animal theme, there's the Wild Animal Park. That's where they put the animals they can't put in the zoo and while I've never gone on that tour, I've heard good things about it.

Since you're going with your wife, you definitely want to wander through La Jolla. She will want to browse the shops so make sure you put your credit card away. Grab a beer at Moondoggie's if you're in the mood to meet some cool people. Walk down to the park and wander on down to the beach. If you're in the mood for a quick bite to eat, head up to George's but make sure you go upstairs. The view is so much better there. If you like sushi like I do, head over the the Hyatt and check out Cafe Japengo.

If you feel like going out, head down to the Gaslamp. There are so many places you can wander into for a drink that it's insane. You will run into a lot of tourists but a lot of locals go there as well. My favorite place there is Onyx.

And a really cool place to go for dinner is Anthony's. It's right on the harbor, right next to the airport. You can pick the one you want to go to. There's one that's just kind of like a typical restaurant, and then there is the Star of the Sea, which has great food and great service, but you will pay for it.

I think that will keep you busy for the weekend. If you're looking for more to do, go to and check out the visitor's guide.
I am heading to Carlsbad/Palm Springs this weekend. I am going with a girl that has lived in the Carlsbad area previously so she is planning everything there. I do know we are renting a plane from a flight school to go fly around SoCal. Anyone recommend any places to fly to?

I hope you have fun b_r!
Iruppert, If your looking for a cool place to fly to from Carlsbad, try heading up to SMO (Santa Monica). They have a killer asian restraunt on the field called Typhoons. There is transient parking in front of the restraunt. Take the shoreline VFR route, that will take you past LAX along the beach. Jets from LAX take off underneath you.
I hope you have fun b_r!

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Thanks man! We're going to Carlsbad too initially, maybe we'll run into you (on the ground!)

lruppert, Have you guys rented from that school before? Did they want you to do a checkout or anything?

Tony-thanks too, that's exactly what I was looking for.
Lego Land! I went this summer with my little cousin. Place is pretty cool. More wife friendly would maybe be a nice stroll through the zoo, very nice zoo.
Anyone recommend any places to fly to?

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As previously recommended, the shoreline route through LAX is fun and Typhoon is a great restaurant. Just flew there for dinner a week or two ago, though I wasn't adventurous enough to try the crickets or sea worms.

Carlsbad is a really fun departure, I think. Sloping runway which ends right at the beach...just about. Also, it's worth flying up to Santa Barbara (never stopped to eat, but I hear there are decent restaurants on the field), or Santa Ynez to check out Wacko's place
Or my personal favorite, and home, Santa Paula. PM me if you'll be in the area...I'm hoping to fly somewhere on Saturday morning, and hopefully with a cute girl, but we'll see.

As far as fun stuff in SD goes....uhhh...Wild Animal Park, Zoo, Sea World, Gas Lamp district (there's a killer sushi place...can't remember what it's called...), Coronado, THE BEACH!!!.....
The girl I am going with got her private at a flight school at CRQ. We aren't sure about a checkout, but we are going to try fly around on fridy morning.

For sure we are heading to the beach, and not sure what else. We are just playin it by ear.