Someone else has made it to Southern Jets

Alright, here's my "Inner Circle" explainer diagram. How to get into it and out to be rejected out of it. I threw it all together on my couch and no, I didn't consider all the combinations and permutations of it.

Enjoy. Or not. :)

Here is the secret sauce… and directions on how to do it. But yet another reason why I thought it was important for the past almost three decades to get to a NetworkJC, various meet and greets or even the weekend Zoom happy hour to get to know one another in person because the more intersections you're in, the more you have professional and social opportunities and can provide and receive personal and career help.

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You left out the piece where we are issued the secret decoder rings....
You left out the piece where we are issued the secret decoder rings....

My post is like advertising a speakeasy.

If you advertise it, is it really a speakeasy? If I show you how to get privileged information that everyone else has, is it really privileged or just hidden from the Google index bots? :)
Do you all ever wonder what some of these conversations look like to that new person finding this place to seek advice? We probably scare them away because they get PTSD from high school. Optics aren’t good… just sayin

[Good News]

[immediate airing of grievances]

I should announce being done with OE to see what grows in THAT Petri dish.