Sierra West?!


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Just wanted to find out more about this company.... holler at me if you know anything about these folks or if you work for them....

Thanks a bunch folks.


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its an absolutely wonderful place to work. They are hiring metroliner FO's currently. Minimums are commercial license and a milti-engine rating. If you're interested, just fax a resume to them. I got hired on the spot without even an interview. All pilots are based in El Paso which is a great place and a cheap place to live. They fly all over the place, including mexico and canada. all in all i give it a 10 out of 10.


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One of their Metro's is ex Lynx Air. I loaded it a month ago. Nice looking, well maintained, and well equipped.


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el paso is really a pretty cool place, i enjoyed it there the times ive been.

let me know if you get on with these dudes ben! id like to join you in el paso when im done with school in the spring!