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For my single Comm add On, I have been working with two instructors and for the spiraling decent I have been told to do it two different ways. I have been told that I need to have at least 30 to 45 degree bank and stay over my point, and I have also been told that it doesnt matter how much I bank as long as it is not past 60. That instructor also told me that I dont need to stay over my point I just need to stay close. He says the point of the manuver is to stay close to the point kind of like simulating you have lost your engine and are going to decend over your selected landing point. Can someone who has taken this ride lately help me out. Or maybe a CFI can inform me. Thanks
Heh, this maneuver seems to be open to a bunch of different interpretations. I was taught start downwind if possible, and roll into an immediate 60 degree bank, then shallow it out as necessary to keep roughly the same distance around the point.

Thats basically how I teach it now, although I don't make a real huge deal about having 60 deg. of bank. I have my students use idle power and best glide +10 kts. My main concern is that they dont drift over or too far away from their selected point (which should be the approach end of a field, to keep with the purpose of the maneuver). I look out my window and make sure we fly over roughly the same points each time around while maintaining proper airspeed, coordination, etc. I would imagine thats what the examiner does too, although I don't think I ever did one of these on a checkride. A couple things to remember- clear the area real well, make a radio call if necessary, use carb. heat, and "clear" the engine every other time around or so.

He says the point of the manuver is to stay close to the point kind of like simulating you have lost your engine and are going to decend over your selected landing point.

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That is correct as far as I am concerned.
For my single Comm add On,

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you already have a Multi Comm?

as for the spirals.

Is this the same as an emergency descent? if so the PTS only states you must establish the descent configureation and keep the airpseed +-5kts.

our very own jedinine, who has been missing of late has it on her website.

very well put together
I teach it the way the DE's like to see it done in my neck of the woods...

I use about 85kts in the 172RG and roll in almost 60 degrees of bank. Start it downwind because if you start upwind and crank in 60 degrees your groundspeed will be greater on your downwind leg and require more than 60 degrees of bank. (= bust) Clear the engine on the upwind because you will have a slower groundspeed and no chance for passing that magical 60 degrees of bank.

I also use reference lines for this manuever. I pick out 2 perpindicular roads, fly just to the right and parallel to of one of them and as soon as I'm about cross the other I roll in the bank to the left. Even if you can't see your point (I usually can't from the right seat) you can tell if you are equidistant from it by using the roads as you spiral your way down.
I did my CommSE add-on in a regular old 172 a few weeks ago .... also, my CFI is also a DE so hopefully this interpretation is correct.

We woudl basically choose an area in front of us .... something with some size, like a city block, baseball field, or school. Get the airplane slowed up to about 75-80 knots and 1900RPM. Know where the winds coming from (so you can clear the engine on the upwind) but don't worry about entering on the downwind. Fly to your selected "point" and get the center of it right under you. Kill the power, add a little trim, left bank and left rudder, and keep the back pressure so that airspeed remains around 65-70 knots during the maneuver. We didn't worry too much about the angle of the bank but I'd guess it was anywhere between 30-45 degrees during the maneuver. Usually worked out pretty well.

Best part of the checkride - outside of passing - was skipping the 8's on Pylons! Total time for the checkride was 1.4; oral was about an hour.
Outstanding!! Congrats on passing your checkride!!!

I'll HOPEFULLY be taking my CSEL and CMEL on the same day sometime in December....Lord willing!!!

On to the CFI for you??
Yeah, I guess CFI is the natural next step. Taking both commoercial rides in the same day could be good if you test well. In Florida, I know of one DE who all bust skips the add-on oral assuming you did well on the first commerical ride you took with him.