Scottsdale again.....

We got a phone call in operations one day from a citizen complaining about the noise the helicopters were makeing. The Col. asked the caller if they were able to see the color of the star on the aircraft. The caller said it was white and the Col. said "you should be happy since it wasn't red"
Thats just not right.. us pilots should be welcome to land at any airport if needed..

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To hell with SDL, let that crappy airport close. Any airport with management that installs a 1-800 number for noise complaints deserves to get shut down.
I agree.. Given a choice I would love to go over that area at over mach 1 just to really shake em up..

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Would do the same if I could reach anywhere near Mach 1.

Screw them still.
I've already registered a formal complaint with one of the fellow SDL City Council members regarding how best for me to address the Council in a future public meeting on this issue, as a private citizen of course.

Will keep updates here.
Mike flies the A-10

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Sweet lookin plane
The "not in my back yard" syndrome again. The military should be able to land IN their yard for fuel if they want too. Corporate operators in SDL should boycott services/fuel there like AOPA suggested with the Meigs saga.

Maybe the guy in the article should ask his wife why she is so jumpy?
I won't even mention that most of the houses around Snottsdale .. err Scottsdale have home entertainment systems that put out far more decibles for far greater periods of time than even the noiseiest old lear or lowbypass jet can muster.

The reason we have this problem is because aviation (general inparticular) has essentially bent over and taken it like a Sing-Sing inmate for years from various surrounding communities.

But, Mike, does it really suprise you?
I do flight instruction at the Scottsdale airport everyday. The noise abatement procedures are horrendous. Stop and goes are not allowed. Intersection departures are not allowed. If I take off from runway 21 and want to go southeast, I have to make a right 270 back over the runway to comply with noise abatement procedures. I'll back you Mike D on whatever you actions you want to take. I'm sick of flying there.
Well I fired off a Letter to the Editor about the article. NOt mad at the paper ... it focused on these little petty, whiners who live near the airport.

Here it is:
"Snobsdale" shows it's true colors

The residents of Scottsdale should be ashamed of themselves.

The recent article "Fighter Jet Refueling Stops Cause Uproar in Scottsdale (T. Ropp, 9/22/03)" really rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

Not the people you think. And certainly not because of the jets themselves, but rather because of the ignorance and ostentatiousness that seems to run rampant in the northeast corner of the Phoenix Metro area.

As a pilot I - and many of the pilots I know, including military pilots - find the attitudes expressed in the article, and the commonly known attitude of Scottsdale residents about Scottsdale Municipal Airport (SDL) in general, down right disgusting and appalling.

For years now local residents have complained about noise from SDL. However, they seem to easily forget the fact the airport was there long before any of those very residents who are complaining even new Scottsdale existed, let alone moved in. Look at aerial photographs of the site from the '40s and the surrounding area is nothing but barren desert for miles with one lone, dirt road leading away from the airport to the southwest.

Even with this fact in mind, the airport and the aviation community has been more than accommodating by way of incorporating noise abatement procedures, recommended curfews and even installing a 1-800 phone number to which noise complaints can be made.

Yet, this is still not enough.

Calls for outright closure and, more commonly, even greater restrictions on airport operations are made on a nearly daily basis. Community action groups have been formed. And now, many of the residents, and city council members, have the outright gall to complain about "fighter jets" - the very jets that are used to keep this country safe, secure and stable.

It's because this nation is safe, secure and stable that the residents of Scottsdale have been able to amass the wealth they now posses. And it's that very wealth which affords them the opportunity to even live in Scottsdale in the first place.

Yet the issue is deeper than the patriotism issue - there is an economic issue.

SDL and the surrounding airpark is, by several different accounts, the single largest economic engine in Scottsdale. If SDL were to be shut down or crippled by excessive noise limitations the economic engine that is SDL would shrivel and die.

If that engine were to shrivel and die the tax revenue it generates would need to be replaced somehow, someway. It doesn't take a genius - or even someone of average intelligence - long to figure that the replacement vehicle for that lost revenue could very easily be in the form of property tax.

Million dollar and multi-million dollar homes make nice, fat targets for the tax collector.

How fast would those who complain about noise switch to complaining about taxes?

In the end it comes down to an issue of tolerance. The aviation community has been more than tolerant of these petty, complaining neighbors. But I think it's far past time that SDL and the pilots it serves to stand up and take back our airport and put these obnoxious spoiled busybodies in their place.

After all, we were here first.

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• Snotsdale....Even though I happen to live there and fly out of KSDL. This is really no surprise. I mean Scotsdale has its nickname(snotsdale) for a reason. However, The area immediately surounding KSDL is not exactly the most affluent area of the city. All the money is further north. Anyway, • em all.

I actually watched 4 of the 6 F18s land and takeoff. It was one of the coolest things I've seen in awhile. I say bring em back everyday and let em do high spped passes of the tower all afternoon.

What is really ridiculous is when snowbirds bitch about the noise. I was at a friend of a family members house out in Fountain Hills last winter. This acquaintance happens to be a snowbird from Iowa. Anyway, as we were all sitting around the pool an airliner on approach to Sky Harbor flew overhead and of course they all start bitchin about it. Now Fountain Hills underlies the ring of class bravo that is between 6000-10000 feet, so the lowest the plane would have been is 6000'(Idon't think it was even that low though). At 6000 to 10000' an aircraft is not THAT damn loud. And if it is that much of a bother to you, sell the house and move your old ass to Florida.

Anybody that moves to the valley has got to at some point realize that we have like what, 10 airports here. Chances are you're gonna see and hear an aircraft flying over your house at one time or another.
I always tell people that complain about airport noise in Phoenix/Scottsdale to fly out of Tuscon.

You know, then Tuscon will be a bigger market, get bigger jets flying farther and it won't impact the noise problems in Phoenix.

Then the answer usually is, "But I don't want to drive all the way down to Tuscon to catch a flight".

Well, don't complain about the airport noise!

I live just to the west of one of the northeast arrivals into PHX and sort of on a wide left base to SDL and despite what these buttholes are saying, we do not have an airport noise problem whatsoever.

What we do have is a problem with idiots buying houses under approach paths and near airports well within the noise buffer zone not doing the research and allowing realtors to show them homes on days when they know traffic is down at the airport.

Like the city council is in the last stages of approving 72 new homes on a 1.5 dme final to KSDL. Lemme think, 1.5 DME from the airport on final is umm, 450 agl crossing over the homes?

Aww, don't get me started on the Scottsdale city council. I think they're too busy finalizing plans for a $60,000,000 subsidized WalMart.
Maybe they should start conducting live fire exercises with the fighter jets...

They'll only complain about the noise once.


Any airport with management that installs a 1-800 number for noise complaints deserves to get shut down.

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That's not completely fair...I mean if I ran an airport I'd have an 800 number for noise complaints...

of course it would just be a recorded message stating the following:

"Thank you for call XYZ Airport. The airport was established here in 1965. If you moved into your current residence after this date and are calling about airport noise, hang up, and F'ING MOVE MORON!! Thanks again for calling"