Sad Day in the R2F Household


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I'm sad to report that we had to sign the papers this morning to have our 14 year old dog, Harry Lee, euthanized.

Harry was a great dog, but sadly, became very lethargic at the end of the weekend. By Monday, he didn't get up from the floor at all.

The final diagnosis was that he had cancer "somewhere" but at his age, we agreed, it was better to let him go peacfully.

Today, the doctor informed us that his organs began to shut down, so my wife and I did the right thing for Harry and signed the release.

I cannot tell you how incredibly horrible we feel right now. Everyone who met our dog, Harry, loved him. He had a sweet face, loving nature and wanted to be friends with everything and every one.

He was basically a "mut" - but the doctors referred to him as a terrier/mix.

God bless you, Harry! You are/will be missed!

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So sorry to hear this R2F. :(

I know how tough it is to go through this, and it is little comfort to know you did the right thing. In the end, we can only treasure the time we are gifted to share with our pets.
Take comfort that you and your wife did the right thing by Harry. Sorry for your loss - remember the good times.
Man that stinks, I feel for you. My dog is also getting lethargic and we had the bloodwork done yesterday, nothing turned up. We don't really know whats going on, and she's only 5 :(.

You can take heart in knowing Harry lived a great life and was happy, that is all you can do. Are you getting another dog?
Sorry to hear that man - it's a necessary evil, but it doesn't make it any better. I've had to put an animal to sleep before - it's awful, even if the animal is sick.
It really sucks. :( I'm coming up on a year since we had to put our Border Collie/Australian shepherd mix down due to a bone tumor. I remember asking the vet how much time he thought he had. When he said "about a week" it was like getting punched in the stomach. One of the vet's assistants even had to leave the room after it was over she was so upset since they all knew him pretty well. It was really hard considering I grew up with that dog.
I know it's been said a million times, but it is the right thing to do for them in a situation like that. I hate to hear that you had to go through it.
Oh, Stan. I'm so sorry to hear the sad news. :( But as others have said, you did the right thing for Harry. Seeing a once vibrant pet become incapacitated is very hard and makes us feel incredible guilt, no matter what decision we make. I had a cat, Oreo, who was a stray when we took her in as a young'un. She used to wander from house to house on the block looking for food, but chose us to take her in. She was sooo affectionate, more so than any cat we'd ever seen. We used to joke that she probably thought she was a dog! She was a part of the household before my kids arrived and they were extremely attached to her, and she extremely protective of them. She lived to about 18, but when it became apparent she was in pain and not functioning any more (she'd lost control of her bladder and bowels) and could no longer walk, we made the decision to have her put to sleep. It would have been a very hard thing for me to do as she'd been my first pet. Imagine my surprise and sadness when I woke that morning to find her already "asleep" behind our couch. Even in death, she was the most considerate pet.
Hope you, and especially the kids, are handling it a best as you can. I went right out and adopted another cat to help ease my kids' sadness. Some say you should wait awhile. Whatever you do, good luck and know we're thinking of you. :)
Very sorry man!
Keep in mind that you have given a good life to a good friend.
He could have been off way worse in the wrong hands.

It's the good things they remember and focus on... and we should too!
I am so sorry to heat that R2F. There are few things that can hurt as bad as this does, but I am sure he had a wonderful life with you guys. After losing a pet, I always swear I will never, ever get myself attached to an "animal" again...but guess what? I can't say no!!!

I usually don't recommend books, but "Blessing the Bridge" is a pretty good one for us crazy animal lovers out there.
I'm so sorry that had to happen. :(

You did the selfless thing though, you let him go peacefully, and [hopefully] without too much pain. To keep him around just for the sake of keeping him around would not have been the kind thing to do.

Big hugs to you all.
Sorry to hear Stan. People without animals rarely understand how hard it is to lose your best friend.

I had to put my 17 year old Border Collie down last fall, and then our cat just a few months ago. The house is so empty and Sandra and I miss them so much.

Time heals all wounds though. Just remember what a great life you afforded him.
I am so sorry to hear that. Try to celebrate the fourteen GREAT years you shared with Harry. That's a great life for a dog, and I'm sure he had a great time in your care.
Really sorry to hear about Harry. As was said though you did the right thing by letting him go in peace.
Sorry to that news Stan. The right, compassionate thing was done and I'm sure he had a very full life.
I'm so sorry. I've lost two Aussies in the past 5 years. Both were good friends and went suddenly. I wish you all the strength in this difficult time.