Richmond vs. Manassas


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I am getting my multi commercial at ATP this December. My question is whether to do it at Manassas and put up with the ADIZ or would it be better to do it in Richmond where I wouldn't have to put up with DC airspace?
Any thoughts?
I completed the ACPP and was based at Manassas. The ADIZ wasn't too much of an issue. Occasionally you may have to wait a while on the telephone for the briefer, to file your flight plan during busy periods. It shouldn’t be a big factor when making your decision about where to go.
THe adiz is nothing really other than a chance to talk with approach. the briefers have it down to a science now....i can file and hang up in less than 30 secs once the briefer answers. sometimes a long wait though for them to answer
Either of them are good locations, but I don't think airspace is a major concern. Monasses has the new Seminoles though. I think weather would be more of a concern. Richmond is good too though.......
We don't have any airspace issues here in Richmond, and in fact ATC is very helpful in providing traffic advisories when we are out doing airwork. We don't have a sim here, so practicing procedures has to be done via "chair flying" instead. Since this is a small office, you usually have an instructor and plane to yourself if nothing else is scheduled during that time.