Questions for current students?


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1. Do they offer living disbursements?

2. What is the maximum living disbursment you can receive?

3. Did you loan get paid directly to the school or did the school hand the money over to you to pay as you go?

4. How often do your flights get cancelled for weather?

5. How often do your flights get cancelled for maintence?

6. How often to do get cancelled for lack of a plane being available? (scheduling issues, etc)

7. What is the current wait-list for CFI's at your school?

8. If known what do CFI's get paid at your school?

9. What is the instructor to student ratio?

10. How far in advance are you scheduled to fly?

11. Do you have any say in scheduling?

12. Are you happy with the school your attended?

13. Did you tour the school prior to attending, and if so, did they allow you to talk to other students or ecourage you to do so?

14. Is there anything you would change? (Be honest.. I know we all feel some pride for the schools we attend but there is always something what we would like to see changed or improved).

Enough questions for now.. your cooperation is appreciated..

Troll alert.

I got one question for you, Mr. Sierra Academy of Aeronautics shill:

What's the average percentage a typical Sierra student will pay for their training relative to what they're quoted by your marketing people? 125%? 150%? 175%? I've never heard of a Sierra student graduate on-time and on-budget.
Yea, but you gain a lot of knowledge for the $100,000 you will pay to attend Sierra. For instance, ask any Sierra grad how much the paint weighs on a C-172? Ten bucks says they will know. I'm not kidding.
SoCal. Thanks for the referral to ATP about a year ago. I'm now an instructor for ATP and gaining lots of multi-time.
I'd like to see the answers. They are very good questions. If you go to the FSA forum, you can learn a ton about the school from the one post.
They are very good questions.

[/ QUOTE ]

That was my point. Didn't mean to confuse anyone.
Whatever dude... are you so insecure about your school that you feel threatened by someone asking questions?! I have no problem being honest with others about my experience with Sierra Academy, and the fact of the matter is I have been thinking about switching schools, so if you want to be immature and a d*ck about it, thats fine.. If your representitive of ATP I'll just steer clear of ATP.. there are many other good flight schools like FSA, Pan Am, etc that would more then happy to get my business.. Thanks for nothing..

Won't someone just answer the dang Qs? They aren't that hard to answer
Aloft doesn't even go to ATP. I'm a current student in JAX working on my Instrument rating. I started back in June with zero hours, got my private single engine and private multi-engine and less than two weeks away from my instrument.

1. Living disbursements as in extra loan money? Yes you can take out more than the cost of training if you want to.
2. I'm not positive of the maximum amount, but I think between $5-$7 grand over. (remember, it's only 90 days)
3. The loan is disbursed in three installments from the loan institution, any living disbursements are then deposited into your bank account.
4. VFR flights cancelled due to weather, hardly ever, if you wait an hour in Florida, the weather will change. IFR training, well of course, never.
5. Never personally had a flight cancelled due to maintenance. ATP has so many aircraft and such a great maintenance facility, that you will have an aircraft 99.99% of the time.
6. Lack of planes being available - very rarely. If you wait an hour, a plane will be available if there was not one before.
7. There is not a wait list, read blee's post about being hired in three days from completing the program.
8. $1000 a month - $200 for housing (if teaching at a career pilot program location) plus bonuses for students not busting their checkrides.
9. 4-1 at most in the PPL course, 2-1 at most in the career pilot course. Personally, I'm one on one, my partner decided to leave before he started.
10. Schedules can change at a moments notice at ATP, basically you fly almost every day. be ready to do a lot of flying.
11. You're input is noted, but basically, you come here to fly. You fly when able.
12. I freakin love it here.
13. Yes I toured the school before I came and was encouraged to speak to students and the maintenance guys. I toured 6 other schools as well and decided ATP was for me.
14. So far there really is nothing I would change. Maybe the apartments being a little closer to the airport. They are really nice apartments, but it takes 20 minutes to get to the airport in traffic. That's about it.

Hope this helps.