PSA Hiring


Living the Dream (well at least trying to)
Anyone interview there lately? I sent a resume to and also completed the good ol' online app as well. I also called and left a voice mail for the pilot recruiter. I may call again, but hate to be a pest.

Looking to get in there since I have a crash pad (called parents) in Dayton. So they rank high on my list of places to work. Anyone have any advice on how I can wave the flag around to get noticed?
I interviewed back in December and was hired, can't imagine it has changed much since then.
meyers9163 may be able to provide some insight. Now that I'm not there any more I can speak a little more freely about the place.

It was a good place to go. The last 8 years treated me pretty well there. The future... eh... I don't know. The employee/management relationship is pretty toxic right now. The only guy in management that actually gave a damn (our VP of Flight Ops) died of a heart attack last month (at 52) and the general consensus is that whomever replaces him will be more of a company man than he was and any crew goodwill that was coming from that office won't any more.

The airplanes are slated to start going away in 2019 and the last one is scheduled to leave in 2022 (I think). Unless more/new/bigger planes are procured, the place probably won't exist much past 2020. As of yet there has been no movement to purchase new planes as, being a wholly owned, Airways would have to spend their own money to make that happen and (understandably) if they are going to spend money on new planes it might as well be 330s and 321s instead of RJs, especially when Mesa, Republic and Skywest all seem willing to buy new planes to fly for them.

The staffing has been pretty good over the last year, mostly because the aforementioned VP was constantly pushed to over staff so in the event of sudden attrition (which is going to happen with people moving on now) or an increase in block hours, the company could function. That will end now that he's not around and PSA will go back to being chronically short. That's part of the reason there hasn't been much hiring or upgrading over the last 6 months despite a fair amount of attrition.

I'd say, if somebody was to go there now, with a plan to get their PIC and move on, they should be able to accomplish that in the next 5 years. If they have plans to stick around longer than that, I don't know if it will work out.
For the update, I start Aug 5. Had a few PMs from this. Thanks for the help.