Piper Super Cub?


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Hey everyone, I am considering taking tailwheel training for my endorsement very soon in a PA-18-150 (Super Cub). I was just curious if anyone has any experience with this aircraft type, and if so, could you offer any pointers or just some good gouge on flying it...etc.? The only tailwheel experience i have is about an hour and a half in a Super Decathlon. Anyway, this place renting the super cub is renting for 64$ an hour, so its a hard deal to pass up. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Super Cubs are a blast, it's my favorite aircraft to just go out and goof around in. Don't worry too much about flying it, your instructor will discuss all this with you. The plane has absolutely no features on it to account for left turning and yaw tendencies, so it will teach you great foot work. you'll learn all about ground loop, but just remember to work the plane all the way till the engine is shut down. Your an instructor so I assume you already know all this stuff, so I'm not going to try to teach about turning tendencies or anything else for that matter. Just have fun and I think you will find that it will greatly improve your stick and rudder skills.

Where are you getting it at? PRC?
No, I wish I could get that kind of rate at PRC. Im going down to Chandler airport in Phoenix. It will just be nice to get into a basic airplane again with no equipment to cause headaches. Training at ERAU is tiresome and painfully unexciting. Thanks for the info though. Just out of curiosity, how does it fly? Any bad stall tendencies? Just wanna be prepared so I dont look like a fool.
AZ Aviation (FFZ) rents an Aeronica Champ for a little less then what chandler wants for the cub ... just FYI.

When I finish up the commercial I think I'm gonna get my tailwheel ... then at some point I wanna do my ASES.
I assume your going to Chandler Air Service. The instructors there will run through all the stall characteristics with you including falling leaf stalls. If you get a chance go up in the Great Lakes too, it's a hoot. Other places may be charging less but I will argue with anyone that you'll find the best instructors of aerobatics in the West at CAS. With the exception of maybe Tucker's school in CA that is.

No funny stall characteristics, just requires your constant attention.
Other places may be charging less but I will argue with anyone that you'll find the best instructors of aerobatics in the West at CAS.

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Wasn't knocking CAS ... heard nothing but the best about them. Was just posting a heads-up.
I know you didn't. I just wanted to defend CAS by stating that IMO it's worth a little more money.

Check out the Hanger Cafe while your there. Great breakfasts.
You both have been extremely helpful. I am probablly gonna go with chandler simply because the super cub has 150hp and the champ at mesa has 85. Up at 5000 feet in prescott, i will take all the extra i can get thank you!
Hey 62

One thing that the instructors out there don't get much of is multi-time. I'm willing to bet that those guys would be more than willing to trade a few flights of aerobatics in the Great Lakes for a few flights of multi PIC time.

Yeah, once I get the Comm. I think I might start looking around to doing some trading.

And, once I get the "MEI"/II, certificates I might start looking around for a small school and "contract" myself and the aircraft out for multi instruction.

Don't know ... having an aircraft opens up a lot of possibilities ... (and your wallet).