Phoenix East aviation, Epic flight academy or Florida Flyers academy


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Hey everyone,
Im waiting for my PPL check ride while researching where to go to for my professional pilot training starting in May.
I'm dueling btw these 3.
I like the fact Epic has G1000 in every single engine aircraft. Florida Flyers has a better and fixed price, but no loan options. At PEA I didn't like the fleet but mostly likely I'd get a loan to study there easily.
My goal is the airlines and I don't want to waste the time n money I don't have with a school that won't deliver!
Suggestions and experiences at these locations are very welcomed please.


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I'm currently finishing up my ppl and I'm in about the same boat you were in last year. I'm looking at PEA and Epic as options. Did you end up going to either one, and do you have any insights on their programs you could share?