Not much being said here haha thats odd


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hey shawn mccauley hows your graduation looking so far? how is ken and kent doing ? when do you graduate? Will you be there until next years aerospace camp? there we go these little questions should spice this topic up a bit!hopefully
Graduation is coming (not fast enough though) I am taking my last class right now. I will be done with class on 6-24, but graduation is not until AUG 3rd. As you can imagine I am really looking forward to it. I start MEI in 1 week, that will be fun. I cant wait to fly the Seminole again and the Baron for the first time. I haven't spoken with Ken lately so I dont know what he is up to. Kent on the other hand has been very busy with the SAFECON competition. I will most likely be here for the aerospace camp next summer. Are you planning to attend?

Good Luck