No 744s?


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This may seem a daft question but whilst looking through the US majors fleets it hit me that hardly any of them have the 744 in their fleet, the only two that I can thinl of right now are NWA and United. Can anyone tell me why or if anyone lese uses 744s?

They carry cargo, but I think they run them.

744s are really meant for ultra long distance flights across the pacific, and only NWA and UAL have any true US to Asia presence.
A couple days ago it came out that Continental was going to charge a fuel surcharge to their tickets, and the news station showed clips of Continetal. ANd it was of a 747sp. DO they still have them?
CO only flies an MD80/737/757/767/777 fleet.. the MD80's are on the way out as well. The 747's (-200 I believe) were gone a few years ago, followed by DC-10's after 9/11.
No, they used to have a couple but I don't think they do any more. My ultimate goal is to fly ultra long haul in 744's or 340/80's but hey, right now I would settle for a cessna

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I talked to the UA fleet manager back in Nov and he told me that by Dec 02, the only 744 flts will be from LAX and or SFO to pacific destinations. He also said that UA as an airline just cant afford to operate them any other way and be profitable and that all their other routes would be replaced by 777s. Well it is mid February and what do i see everyday here in DEN? 4 or 5 UA 744s. Kinda makes me wonder if UA is really trying to survive?

I do know they are and have been retiring a bunch of them and plan to sell some to some foreign airline India, and Dubai i think but it seems the deal must have fell through?

either way, it will be sad to see these things go. they always get my full attention whenever i see one.

NW operates some old 747-200s as well as the 400.
Atlas and Polar Air Cargo have 747-400F freighters. They have the short upper deck, and look like a standard 100/200 with winglets.

I was reading an article the other day about some company doing a freight conversion in the pax 400. I would say you will see ALOT of them going to freight outfits in the next few years.
My uncle is a 747-400 United Captain as well as check airmen. I visit him sometimes when my parents go down to his house in Palos Verdes and last time I went, he didn't say anything out of the ordinary about the 744 fleet, except that being the airline is under big changes!
And here I thought he would somehow get me through the door when I'd get there.
Yeah I guess if you want to fly 747s you need to be rather international. Qantas, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines among others I belive are currently buying new 744s. A friend of mine flew on a 6day old Qantas 747-400ER from LA to Sydney about a month ago.

mmmm, new plane smell
The only problem with the 744 is the cockpit is tiny! I was upfront over the pond not that long ago, and seriously it is really small compared to the 777 or any airbus. But as a pax being in the bubble is awesome, I was up there when I was about 7, and slept on the over head bins (they are down by your side) the whole flight!
Oh man, if the 747-400 has a big cockpit compared to the 777, the 747 must be REALLY small!

I jumpseated a 777 from ATL to MCO a few years ago and I almost had to ask the captain, "Umm, Boeing is kidding, right?"

It was THAT small. I think the 767-300 has a bigger cockpit than the 777 if I'm not mistaken.
Yeah I would think the 747 cockpit would be larger than the 777 considering it was orginally designed for a crew of 3.
Doug's right, if I remember correctly the 767-200 I was in had a larger cockpit than the 777-200. We went on the whole American fleet with the ORD CP some time back. I liked the 767 cockpit over any of them!
Hey Chicaga-

Here's a trivia question for ya!

Just why is the 767 cockpit bigger than the 777?
Hey Chicaga-

Here's a trivia question for ya!

Just why is the 767 cockpit bigger than the 777?

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So Chicaga can fit Anna between the him and the FO...
I've got a big poster of a 744 cockpit and it looks pretty cozy. I've been in a Learjet cockpit and the cockpit in the poster looks to be about the same size as the Lear, but with more headroom. Remember the cockpit in the 744 is up in the bubble, the front of the bubble for that matter, and its pretty damn narrow up there.