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After flying with Doug I learned all about google analytics and I "think" I got it on my smugmug site....

For those with a spare 15 seconds could you click on the link:

Stay and look around if you like :) but really I'm just trying to get some hits to see how this google tool works.

Or homeboy's still waiting for his payoff in Mumbai.
Not sure if it's working or not... nothing is showing up yet although it says to give it 24 hours... Doug?
Sorry... I figured out the problem! (a < was missing on the front end of the code)

Any chance if you're reading this you can go click one more time? Thanks!!
It shows how many individual visitors you get, what they click on inside the site, how they got to the site and a bunch more stuff. I'm more curious to see which sets are the most popular so I can rearrange those to the front of the site as well as which tags are working and which ones are not. Smugmug kinda does that (flickr does a much better job of tracking where people came from)

Still waiting for some data to show up though... once I figured out about the hash mark thing this morning, I got it to give the green all good symbol that it's collecting data but it still says it can take 24 hours for that to show up.
Not a whole lot, but I have sold some (thus the interest in making the site better!)

If you have a pro account ($150/yr) then you get to set your own pricing.
Wow! You have a smugmug site and a blogspot too! This is what I love about the internet.


How'd you get that google earth widget on your front page?
What photo editing software do you use?

My "workflow" is to import my pictures into Lightroom 2. When I do this I convert them from raw to dng and apply a pre-filter automatically to get a starting point. I'll then pick the "winners" out that I want to spend more time on and those get imported to Photoshop (CS4). I use several plugins that work with PS that I like to use (Alienware Exposure, Nik Silver F/X, OnOne Bokeh). For the HDR pictures I use Photomatix.