My New CFI is a Laid-Off PSA FO


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My old flight instructor took a new job and in they brought a very recently laid-off PSA guy.

What should I expect? Anything out of the norm?

I don't expect there to be, but if anyone has any tips that might just make his day a little better, I'm open to 'em. :)


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If I were to give him advice i'd say not to over teach. He is coming from a very fast paced environment and his expectations need to be on par with what a primary student can achieve.


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Come well prepared for each flight and have a positive attitude even though things are not the best right now. And I agree, buying the guy lunch if you have the money would probably be greatly appreciated. Most of all have fun, you get to fly!!


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Hey brotha,
Just making a play on words.

I haint one to be preachin. Seeins yall from my native state, the great state of Okra-homa.