MMPI Retake


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Doc, my result from my MMPI were inconclusive when I attended the PEPC in March for ATC. According to the doc I saw for my retest the reason for this was because I came accross as to defensive (I showed that I had no flaws). When I left the testing facility the doc told me even though I can not give you feedback he did not see anything "crazy" with me. Do the docs in DC even look at the psych's written review, or do they really only care about the test scores. When I took the retake I was as truthful as I could be, for example, I have lied, I do get angry sometimes, I don't like fixing door latches, I don't like mechanics magazines, and finally I would like to drive in a auto race. I thought I would feel better after all this but now I am just anxious to find out the results. Any info you can give would help.