Mesaba pilots ratify contract


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Published January 30, 2004 MESA31
Unionized pilots for Mesaba Airlines have ratified a new, five-year contract.

The union says the contract was approved by 66 percent of those voting. It's scheduled to be signed today.

Mesaba pilots threatened to go on strike earlier this month but delayed a walkout while the agreement was reached.

Mesaba was forced to temporarily suspend flights during that period, but the pilots never actually went on strike.

Mesaba employs about 845 pilots.

Top issues for the pilots included improvements in job security, wages, retirement, and work rules.

It is great that they have a new contract, but if NWA decides to not renew there need for the Avro jets, then Mesaba will be up a creek and the contract won't be worth the paper it is written. Hopefully they will keep the jets.
I haven't seen a Mesaba pilot around the boards for a long time, but I'd be interested to see what they think of the TA.
I haven't seen a Mesaba pilot around the boards for a long time

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Me either, I have seen a couple from Pinnacle (other NWA commuter) and they are the ones that stand to gain if the Avro lease is not renewed with NWA. I wonder what their view would be.

As for Mesaba, they continue to hire here in MSP for positions other than pilots. Every other week there is an ad for Ramp workers. I am not sure why they cannot keep them or whether they are just that busy.
Do you want to work outside in the freezing cold throwing bags for not a lot of scratch?
I hear you. It has been -20+ degrees at times during the last few days and that is before the windchill.
This really surprised me.. out of all the XJ jumpseaters ive had in the past few weeks.. only 1 or 2 have actually said they liked the contract. I was thinking it was gonna get shot down and they would end up going on strike...especially alot of negative talk up here in dtw. Craziness! Their CRJ pay still isnt what ours is (not every good anyways) and ours goes up in may.