Mesa / Freedom air question

Lee D

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Been filling out some apps lately and was taking a look at the app that can be obtained from the Mesa sight. I noticed that the app had not only the Mesa logo, but also the Freedom logo. My quesiton: If a pilot is hired at Mesa, can they be placed in the Freedom program? Do they have a choice? I admit I don't know much about the corporate structure there. I get a lot of mixed opinions on Mesa. Not sure if that would be considered going over to the "dark side."
Don't fly for them, but I monitor the Mesa board every day. Freedom is basically no more. They are being reintergrated slowly back into the Mesa system so the simple answer to your question is no, you won't be put in Freedom.

As a side note, from the info I've read, I gather that the only way you you could have gone to Freedom was to volunteer. Those that did were hated and still are by ALPA.