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I have a 3rd class but want to get a 1st class. I know that 3rd classes cost around $60 and I was wondering if it costs more for a 2nd or 1st class? Can someone please tell me how much they paid for a 2nd or 1st class?
If I had done the First Class (got third, instead), it would have run me $135.

Instead, I dropped the $85 and will wait to get the 1st Class later.
Each individual doctor set's his or her own price.. So you'll have to call and find out
smirk.gif AME charges me the Third Class price for my First Classes because I've been going to him since 1998. Sounds like $80 a pop for a First Class isn't a bad deal!
The place I go to charges about the same price for all medicals. I think it was $75 for my last 1st class and the 3rd would have been $65 or $70.
Hello Ready,

Was that $135.00 First Class Medical Exam with or without an electrocardio gram?


actually i've been wondering how much it would cost to take the Class I Medical Exam over there in the US.Where I come from we pay about 250 euros which is about 250 USD and I was wondering how much i would save if i take there at the States since i'll be going there next year anyway.

Any thoughts?Don't you guys have a fixed cost?
Some doctors are nice enough to to give a cfi discount. I got my 1st class medical for $15, usually its $60 here though
Mine is about $80 here in PHX.

The AME I go to charges $50.00 for 2nd and 3rd class and $60.00 for the 1st class w/o the EKG. Add $50.00 if you need the EKG.
Ok i think there's no doubt about it..i'm taking it there.
Now,are there any sort of specialized centres where we can take those kind of exams or can we just make them anywhere we like?

Over here there's only 3 medical centres that can perform those kind of the whole country:p ..
Ours here at UND's Student Health Office is $60 for a 1st, 2nd & 3rd class.

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I just got mine from the student health center in Dec. and it was $65 for my 2nd class. seems pretty reasonably priced to me. I've seen them advertised back home (Anchorage, Alaska) for $85.
I was quoted $150 including the EKG. Compared to the rest of those that posted, this seems a little higher than normal.

Maybe I should continue shopping?