Looks like its a go


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...the pieces of the puzzle are coming together... I talked to the director of the flight program at the local flight college. I'm going to pursue the education and training in aviation for the time being. Parents are 1/2 way supportive but I think I can get them to be 100% supportive financially later on. I'm getting my private private license thru the local flight school and I plan to be done in Febuaray of next year, so I think thats a realistic goal, flying 2-3 times per week.

I'm taking the academics at the community college the next town over since they offer the flight program, part time since most of my credits I already have from my local community college. I may also take part time business classes to finish my BS degree in business.

Then in the spring, Ill take the instrument rating with a few other aviation classes. In the fall will be the commercial rating. Then they have a transfer program to finish that degree along with the ME ratings. But one step at at time, we'll see what happens next...


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My grandparents hesitantly support my interest to fly. they think i will NEVER make any money doing it. I will have to send them a copy of my first paycheck when I start to 'get there'.


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I had 1/2 supportive parents too! My dad was pretty gung-ho but then my mom was guardedly supportive.


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When I left home for college, my Dad walked me to the door pointed me in the right direction and told me not to let the door hit me in the ass.
It was his way of saying good luck.


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Good for you, buddy. I wish I had parents who were 1/2 supportive. I'd characterize them as tolerant. I think they believe this is just a phase I'm going through, kind of like a early midlife crisis.

They don't understand that I really, really, really love flying and was hooked from the second I got off the ground on my intro flight.


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I got started at 17 after working at the airport as a lineboy for a year. All I ever thought about was airplanes and I read a lot of books about aviation. I have been blessed in being able to pursue and be successful in my childhood dream.


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Well I'm 18 yrs, old my b-day is in July. I'm like 5'10-6'0ft. 135/145lbs.very slender smooth build, golden blonde hair, blue eyes and very single.....(lol)

Uummmmm errrrrrr anyways. Dunno where that came from.

But I just resently got my PPL and working on my "instrument rating".

Hey I mentioned this ina previous post. I have a friend at my flight school who is 27yrs. old and has his PPL. and just the other day or maybe last week started on his Instrument rating.

He wants to be done with all his ratings and stuff at or before 30 and either be ready or be an f/o for a regional at 30.

He tells me that I'm lucky to have started flying so early. As he feels that he started late in life and feels an airline career might pass him by due to his late start in life.

Did he really start too late, I don't think he did, you tell me?



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Took my first lessons when I was 16 soloed and was in the middle of doing cross-countries for private when money became an issue (I got a girlfriend who was more fun to spend money on at the time). And haven't flown since. That was back when I had a commodore 64...