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I have been considering persuing a career as a F-27 pilot pushing packages under 135. can anyone provide me with any direction. I was considering MAPD previously for 121, and now I am thinking FS, with the eventual goal of flying the Friendship. Who knows maybe even more, but i am trying to set some realistic goals. (Is there any place to train for 135 ops?) I have even considered having the goal of eventually flying for AIRNET. I am just unsure as to the path i should take. I might consider the FBO thing as well. If i decide to retire from the military, ill use my base flying clubs, but the multi time there will be minimal. who knows. any ideas.

i really would love to hear some fresh honest direct and usefull advice from anyone willing and in a position to provide it. i would love to hear from the 121 guys and the 135 guys, as well as anyone from airnet and mountian air cargo.

i am 8 years away from militay retirement, have 2 degrees, and i am a professional meteorologist.

thank you in advance for your greatly appreciated time and advice. and if any of you know anyone in a position to become a mentor that could provide me with ongoing professional direction and advice, please let me know.

If you have your GI Bill, go to a VA-approved Part 141 school and use those benefits you've worked hard for.

You have a very doable goal...

If you have questions about transitioning out, using your VA bennies, or FlightSafety, email me. chunk75@yahoo.com

I've done all the above in the past year.


PS-Which branch?
army reserve 9 years, active navy...12 years...

i will email you when i get home tonight, would love to hear about your experiences, and any suggestions you might have

bryan \ not to rip off gene kelly, but "gottttt taaaaa fly"

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7 years active Navy, I'm on my second year as a SELRES in the Naval Reserves. I started lesson 1 private at Comair in April of 2000, in less than a year I had all my Multi, Single commercial, instrument tickets and turbojet Flight Engineer in the 727. The G.I. Bill rocks! I was getting checks every month for approx 60%. Now I'm flying freight at night, and for the first time in my life, I realize what it means to move up into a higher tax bracket, and it's not all good, but it sure beats feasting on Raman noodles. Good luck, I'll be happy to share any bits of info that I've gotten along the way, but only if you can send me some rain in Titusville. FL. My wifes friends kids were playing with my pool pump and opened a valve that brought my pool water level down 4 inches, I don't want to fill it back up with hose water, send me some rain!
Hear you got snow a coupla days ago there in Titusville! Just had cold rain here in VRB.
I retire next week, after 20, woohoo!!

anyway, no there is no 135 training that I know of. from a pilot's perspective, nothing changes. The rules and regs on 135 (and 121 I suppose) you will learn after you get the job. and honestly they are all in the FARs. until you are in the postion to be flying for maoney, i wouldn't wast your time. I read thru the 135 section for a cpl of weeks, and passed my check ride in the citation without a hitch.

Be extra sure you are NOT under VEAP, that you are under the new GI bill. the VEaP folks (like me) got boned, Huge.

good luck