Leaving the lurking behind


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Hi! I'm Ernie. I've been a member for a little over a year without saying much, if anything at all, mainly just read. Finished up my CASEL a little over a year ago. Then had to focus on my real job for a while and then started studying for the CFI written tests. Finished those up and should be finishing up my initial CFI within the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping that once I finish my initial CFI I can pick it up part time until I can get the right time to jump in with both feet and get a full time gig somewhere, preferably in the central to south Florida area. I currently work with UAVs, I have always been in the aviation game just looking to make the jump over to the operations side.
The wifey is from Ohio so she said no snow.

Ultimate goal? At this point I'm up for anything. Short term, find a good flight school to teach for, then hopefully move into the corporate side of aviation. All in all I am open to anything, I don't know what I don't know. I also don't want to miss opportunities because it's not what I had planned for myself.
Welcome to the site. What is your experience with UAV's? Didn't consider it a career track? Just curious.
I started as an A&P on them, then moved to a site lead position. I've thought about flying them buy the 6-9 month deployments are not appealing. I want to be able to see my kids in the flesh at least once every couple weeks. Then with some seniority somewhere maybe catch their graduation. HA!