Jets for Jobs

Jets for Jobs (J4J) says that the Express carrier can add regional jets outside scope limitations if they put a percentage of mainline furloughed pilots in the cockpit. US Airways came to Skywest with their Jets for Jobs about a year ago and we voted it down. Not sure how the CHQ contract is, but with Skywest, there was going to be some percentage of Captains and FOs from the furlough ranks that get "stapled" to the bottom of Skywest's seniority.

Basically mainline gets scope relief while the pilots get their jobs back.
Sorry, but what exactly does this mean;
can add regional jets outside scope limitations

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So, Chatauqua will allow US Airways furloughees to fly their jets until US Airways calls them back? I assume they retain their seniority number but how is their seniority at Chatauqua going to work? Why is this good for Chatauqua?

Anybody have some insight on Chatauqua? They sure are hiring a lot as of lately. Are they going to be around for good or are they going to be blown away when things turn back around?
It's good for CHQ because they get to add jets to their fleet they normally wouldn't have because of the US Air scope limits. More jets = more profit for CHQ. It's good for the US Air pilots that will get back into a cockpit after being out of work for a while. It's bad for most of the pilots already on the senority list at CHQ - even though CHQ is expanding they don't move up very much if at all because the new seats are being filled with out of work US Air pilots. It's bad for those of you triing ot get a job with CHQ - less hiring because they are filling the new positions with furloughed Airways guys.

CHQ will be around as long as none of their contracts go out of business. If US Air does cease to exist it will surely affect CHQ as well since they are one of the big contract regionals for US Air.