Jetcareers Chat!


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I was wondering why nobody uses the Jetcareers chat room.
Maybe we should set a time to enter the chat roomor something. Just an idea
It's an off and on thing.

SOmetimes it's hot and sometimes it's not....'s cyclical... like the airline industry.
I know it's been tried before but we really ought to set a time and day of the week for a chat and maybe it will catch on for more than a couple of weeks.
I still say we should try a scheduled chat every month because if the chat room isn't scheduled, nobody shows up there.
You know you're a loser when...

You have no preference because any single time or day would pretty much be just fine (referring to myself).
If any of you have Paltalk (free download at I do safety chats on Sunday night 8pm ET. Room is Sports and Hobbies>Aviation Safety Seminar.

You can talk and I also broadcast video (videos and powerpoint.)